The nights of no sleep is back.

It seems that I have full blown insomnia again. I’m very tired. I feel really ill from relying way too much on ibuprofen to heal knee/finger. They can cause issues elsewhere but never felt the effects until the last week. I was mentally propping myself up with them too. I know that I shouldn’t but since coming off antidepressants it’s hard sometimes. I don’t want to ever go back on them. I can emotionally detach when I take painkiller medication. I shouldn’t use it to do that but I was using it to take swelling down on injuries so that they healed properly. That has worked but now I ache all over and feel extremely sick. The side effects to long term use (been taking them nearly every day for the last two months) can be quite horrible. I knew I was going to experience them as I reduced the amount I took to keep down the swelling in my knee/finger. There is no way of predicting the extent of potential withdrawal symptoms until you start reducing the doses. I can’t completely come off them yet because I still have my finger coming up swollen quite frequently. It’s a lot better but if I stop the medication to help keep it less swollen then it’s not going to finish healing. It’s close to returning to normal. Lack of sleep has made me very tired so hopefully I can sleep in later so that I haven’t lost too much sleep.

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