Small town = small minded mentality.

I probably have said this on the blog in another way previously. I grew up in a small town like probably many of my readers because I have shared the blog on local groups in the past. I have noticed the amount of collective thinking that happens in a small area. The in groups… let’s face it this goes on way after we have finished school in these kinds of areas all seem to have the same opinion about the outsiders. You ask these little groups why they feel a certain way and it’s all due to someone in their little collective having that opinion. We need to grow up and start thinking for ourselves. I don’t have any close friends so I don’t do collective thinking. I’m an independent thinker. I make my own mind up regardless of what I hear. I am no fool. I do not suffer fools. I used to but now after all the shit I endured I won’t not put people in their place if I feel it is appropriate. Sometimes people are afraid to tell people the truth… not me… I specialise at being as brutal as possible and that brutalness is a lot more blunt if the way they’ve acted has affected me. I don’t care about looking like a cow. You also can’t allow yourself to be a lap dog either that won’t pull people up on their shitty behaviour. I was quiet for a long time and that is how I ended up the scapegoat and had lies put on the system about me. Assumptions became the truth because as a younger person no one heard me. Well, I am no longer invisible. As soon as I’ve built up my confidence I’m going to start appearing on camera more. I may even start to branch out into wider stuff when I’ve lost weight. Who knows I may even get pretty enough to go out on love island (despite the fact that I hate that program). I was approached to go on married at first sight. Half of me really wanted to step forward too but I have to pretend to like someone I would have probably not liked underneath.

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