It’s been one of those days!

I decided to stay in bed the whole day despite knowing that I had a lot to do today. I was awake most of the night because of the knock on effects of other people’s bullshit. I wasn’t shy I’m telling others how they contributed to it too after I finally woke up. I haven’t washed my hair yet but because it’s so thick it isn’t even greasy yet. It’s never this straight and sleek unless I’ve been the hairdressers so I get as many days out of it as possible. It’s just gone over a week so it’s going to start getting manky soon. I have a plan that I’m sticking to but the first step is being taken off that 117 section clause which is becoming apparent that I am going to have to go down the complaint to get the meeting being arranged stage passed. I have spoken to all departments nicely. The only way the council moved forward was due to a complaint. I have decided that we have to have a date set by at least February so I have to put in complaint over the next few days.

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