-2 walk wakes you up.

I may have got nothing done but I had a very cold walk which left me very awake and alert. I’m currently in the bath thawing out while waiting for my dinner to cook. I feel bad that things haven’t got done much but I’m literally wiped out. I’m not completely better. I have ear scabs constantly that I’m not sure if I should be picking them. I keep doing that because it’s a quick way to get rid of them but that causes them to bleed and create a new scab, so the cycle never stops. I have scabby skin on my back too. I don’t think I drink enough water because when I drank more than normal to get rid of migraine I didn’t have so many scabby bits of skin. Those that know me will be aware that I have a set pattern of Pepsi max, Diet Pepsi and either orange lucozade or sparkling fizzy water when I’m out on a daily basis. Pepsi max and sparkling water are classed as topping up fluid levels but the other two don’t do that. It even says on the orange lucozade bottle that the drink isn’t appropriate for rehydrating. Diet anything doesn’t really replace lost water. I don’t agree with people going out to buy that prime drink that is supposed to have all sorts of stuff packed into electrolytes either. The products that sound too good to be true almost always are just that. I’m sure it has its benefits but that was over hyped by marketing agents. You can get the same effects by eating the right things and drinking more water.

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