Lost weight again! However, that is as good as today has got…

I didn’t get up until late because I was still wiped out from migraine. I saw some reasonable good news (a sign that things are going in the right direction) that the press are going to finally be allowed in family court. It has been piloted for a few years now but only in certain places and it’s only starting off in a few courts around the UK now it’s been given the go ahead. This is a step in the right direction but I would just like to point out that child protection cases are different from the actual family court. There will still be things they can use to shield what has been going on. There was a case about someone who worked in some kind of professional role which involved a burnt out car recently which quickly disappeared. I don’t know details but stories don’t get pulled and details buried unless there are legalities involved which could be child protection etc. I’ve had to stop the mob mentality from occurring many times done by people who have been screwed by the system. I know you’re angry and hurting to the point where you cannot put it into words but attacking the people and their families involved in these proceedings isn’t going to help. It may help you feel like you’ve temporarily got justice but in the long term it won’t make you feel any better. There is always a loop hole in any legal thing, the key is figuring out how to get it closed. As I said before, that is a long process full of small steps like the one above. I don’t join any groups of activism. I stand alone because there are so many of these groups just waiting for the chaos to occur and everyone to be fighting each other in order to push their own agenda. Some of those agendas aren’t nice and verge on wiping entire groups of people out. I always did things for good reasons, even the questionable things that I may have done when hurt. There’s pockets of activists in it for personal gain and to make a name for themselves.

This is where I point out that there is only one of me. I am ‘working on it’ but I have stuff to deal with in my own personal life. The cat threw up all over the place earlier, I got annoyed with him and threatened to get him out down if this shit didn’t stop. I phoned the vets up and he’s probably just reacted to one of the medications. He did that the last time. He’s been given this medication in the past but never reacted. It seems like they are probably changing ingredients again. I was told to just give him one of them tonight to rule out which one it is. I normally go the gym toward the end of the week… not this week… between my own issues, the cats and outside influences I’m not risking setting off another migraine.

Lastly, I have lost a bit more weight. The repeated number thing is getting utterly ridiculous… 66.6kg (146 lbs / 10 st 4).

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