I can’t deal with neglect anymore.

I’m going to be doing the vacuum cleaning (if my migraine can stand it) and then going back to bed for a bit. As an autistic adult who has been neglected by services and others for years I’ve got to the point where that is starting to show. The state of my home environment is always so bad however much I try to keep on top of it. The allergies that I have to the dust can trigger the migraines. This place needs a deep clean because the fur and dust has built up beyond manageable levels. I didn’t sleep much so I’m extremely tired. When I did sleep I woke up with a very bad migraine so it didn’t really feel like I had slept. Yes, I may seem like I’m capable but sometimes I struggle so much. People can’t or just won’t see that. Struggling through gives me these migraines every so often because the pressure builds up especially when things are so messy and dirty around me. People say reach out… that doesn’t make a damn difference to some of us. We just get ignored etc.

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