I shouldn’t have to do this… graphic content warning.

I’m going to be going into quite graphic descriptive details here so if you don’t fancy reading all this then stop reading now. I have just been told I’m anemic and have just gone back on multivitamin tablets to get iron levels back up. I can’t take the iron tablets because of the side effects which I am getting now. I literally just resorted to pulling out a massive clot which stops it flooding on me. I shouldn’t have to do that but it’s a solution that works so I do it when I’m out and don’t want embarrassment. I’ve been going back and forward to the GP for years. They need to properly sort this out. This is only a temporary fix and it doesn’t always work because you have to be able to catch the clots at a certain point which means if you cannot get to the toilet in time it will just flood. I wouldn’t go into this much detail unless it was really getting beyond a joke now. I’ve been like this for years and even when I’m not on vitamins to put up iron levels it still has clots which cause it to flood.

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