I don’t like talking about certain things but someone has to …

I honestly don’t like talking about topics such as the earlier one but someone has to because others have the same sort of issues and also aren’t getting answers. I don’t mind talking about my other experiences with my son’s adoption, involvement within the mental health system and other things. I can’t change what happened to me but it may stop the way the system does things eventually. That’s not going to happen overnight but if one person being open brings out others doing the same then it will lead to change in the future. Then there are combating the attitudes I’ve experienced. In regard to the earlier topic… when I had an accident in that department I was talking about earlier, other grown women were laughing at me when nearly my entire trousers were covered in flooded monthly (this was over 5 years ago now). That is cruel especially as women because they have them too. The way I was treated at college due to my mental health and autism really had to be highlighted and spoken about in detail. I’m very tired so this may not read well in places.

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