Everything is organised … that’s all I’m doing today!

Mister is off to the vets tomorrow morning. I got up and tidied a bit. I have popped out for a bit to get stuff and walk. That is all life is getting out of me today. Regardless whether I sleepy tonight I will just get up and sort mister out in the morning. I have to sort him out. I can’t leave him like that. I wasn’t taking him this afternoon because I was already behind because I wanted some sleep. I am just sick of people being cold toward me. It pisses me off and hurts me. Some people are just naturally cold anyway but just because I get that it still hurts being ignored. I am trying to think of myself because I am starting to lose my hair etc. It’s not just due to dying my hair with bleach etc because my eyelashes have done the same, especially on my left side. I have visible gaps in my eyebrow on that side too. I also think my monthly is about to kick off because I get a pain before those clot things make their way out. Yes, it was far too good something had to go the other way at some point.

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