More stuff sorted. Also, lost more weight!

I completely forgot to add these parts to the previous entry so I had to do another one. I also had to sort out my energy company today. I’m on pay as I go top up due to the previous person that lived at my address who never paid anything and left the place in debt which I had to sort out out when I moved in. I couldn’t even get a mobile phone contract until they changed the rules around the debt being on the person not the address. Anyway, the price rises have meant that I finally decided it would be at least a bit cheaper to get it changed over from prepay to direct debit. I had to wait over an hour on the web-chat to talk to someone. The request took just a few minutes and was easy because I have a good credit score. It’s just trying to get through to these places which can be a pain. It’s free if you’re with one of the big six energy companies to switch from pre pay to direct debit. If you’ve been switched due to debt you can’t go back to direct debit but as I said I wasn’t the reason it got switched over in the first place. If you’ve got a bad credit score it won’t approve the switch either. And, while I’m here. I lost another pound of weight without even trying. I actually had to eat more calories due to the whole finding out I was anemic thing. I’m still trying to walk most days. That is what I’m doing now and I went for a medium length walk yesterday.

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