Been busy since I got up. Half sorted a few things.

It was a good thing that I finally grew up and got over that autistic I will not use the phone thing. I’ve been trying to sort things out all day since I got up. I have managed to get my level 2 maths certificate after the place closed down and my certificate got lost. I’ve waited over two years to get it. The pandemic happened so I didn’t go looking for it for a while afterwards because everything was returning to normal or whatever the new normal became. I used last year to come off antidepressants and work on myself mostly. It paid off because now I feel like I’ve become a total different person. I then rang the organisation regarding the meeting again. I got a phone call back from the woman saying she could only ask for updates rather than chase it. I have updated the relevant parties involved and I’m deciding whether I need to put in a complaint. I don’t want to unless I need to do so because they will literally use anything as an excuse in that meeting to keep me on the 117 section clause. They might try to make me out to be an unstable troublemaker or something.

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