Why should I be nice to people?

I don’t need to nice to people. It isn’t a given rule in life. Haven’t you ever heard the line women don’t like ‘nice’ guys? Well, there really isn’t many that like the nice ones anyway. I was nice for the first 34 years of my life and got no where. I was prepared to. I compromise too much and backed down too easily when it came to my goals. I made a choice this year to not take less than I deserve and not take life too seriously because no one gives a shit. I don’t even give a shit anymore and it’s taken a lot for me to become that. I’m naturally spiritually connected (as I can tell by all the repeated numbers I keep seeing over and over on a daily basis), we are supposed to spread the love etc but that isn’t teaching this messed up world a damn thing. I do still filter what comes into my head before putting it back out there but I never change the whole meaning of what I have to say. I’m going to get told off by others who are in that field but we all come from different backgrounds. Why should I be nice to everyone when no one was nice to me when I needed someone or helped me stop Jonny’s adoption. Maybe I was the one pt here to wake everyone up from the crap that they just cannot or refuse to see.

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