Mentally I just can’t right now.

I didn’t sleep much. I woke up feeling sick and in pain, I cannot explain how mentally exhausted I am right now. I accidentally got hooked on painkillers again because I had to use them for my finger and knee injuries. I only took them once a day at night by as soon as I don’t need them for the injuries so much it kicks back at me. I end up feeling extremely rough because I haven’t taken them every day. Withdrawal from those things can be horrible. I am still needing them to help injuries heal but not every day now. I can’t completely come off them yet otherwise my knee and finger will swell up again and stop healing. That keeps happening with my finger quite a lot. I really feel like I need to go back to sleep for a bit. I’m very tired due to not sleeping well. Mentally I’m done right now. I don’t even have emotions today. I’m too tired to feel anything.

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