Restless night.

I fell asleep straight away but woke up after an hour. I then couldn’t get back to sleep. I heard an alarm in my head while in that just woken up not fully awake state. The sounds actually seem real (I can actually hear them rather than just hear them in a dream like state). I don’t seem to be the only one who has natural psychic abilities that is feeling quite restless at the moment. Others feel like ‘something big worldwide is coming’. Many of us had that nagging feeling just before the pandemic kicked off. I can remember the discussion within the spiritual community at the time. 2019, there was just a general feeling of a major event approaching but we didn’t know details, only that it was going to affect the whole world. I don’t know the exact details but the previous pandemics (before we existed) came back in a 3rd unexpected wave a few years later. The vaccines are being questioned by a vast amount of people at this point due to things that have happened and very few people are choosing to wear a mask now. There are photos of people from a previous pandemic over 100 years ago wearing masks. They never complained about it potentially infringing their freedoms, unlike this generation, that was them using common sense which eventually made that pandemic cease completely. I don’t worry about things I sense now because most of the time I have absolutely no control over them. Of course I don’t want certain things to happen but also have the belief that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. It is what is meant to be regardless whether it’s what we want or sometimes need. I know the whole meant to be thing can’t be fought because life will throw obstacles in to a situation that is going a certain way and it will get worse the more you try to fight it. Life isn’t your plan. It has its own path full of other people and influences. I keep getting that deja vu thing happen to me. I dropped something yesterday that I know has never happened in reality waking life before but I felt like I’d seen it before. It’s just small random little things.

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