Popping up briefly today. Then disappearing again.

I am quite busy so I’m popping up briefly and then going offline for the rest of the day. I’m having to clean my sofa today because the stuff that came out of my pile that burst wasn’t clear like I thought. I just can’t leave that stuff on there. I kind of just left them for years hoping that they would shrink and drop off. I never used the cream that they gave me to help get rid of them because I was too busy fighting my sons adoption. I just left my birth injuries to fix themselves (had stitches too). That is why I don’t like it when people say I didn’t fight hard enough. I fought harder than ever literally abandoning my own needs. If the few I have left start doing the same then finally after a decade they’ve gone. I went to bed quite late last night but I got up more toward lunchtime. If I’m being distant at the moment it’s because I’m deep in things I have to sort out. I will reply to emails eventually. I’m very tired and currently trying to dodge showers in town. It’s probably not going to stop so until at least 3 so I’m probably going to have to just make a dash back to the car which isn’t going to be pleasant because I’ve parked outside of town.

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