Parcels are always late… gone out for a bit.

The new vacuum cleaner hasn’t even left the local depot yet. I have gone out and told them to leave it in the safe place just in case it’s the delivery driver who doesn’t update his delivery tracking device until the end of the day. There’s two that do out locality and I’ve of them is quite reliable when it comes to the tracking part. The other one doesn’t update that part until the end of his deliveries for the day. I hope someone lets him in because I always seem to be the one who lets everyone into the block as my number is first one on the buzzer list. I’m not sure they my neighbour who I have the fb contact for is at home. They weren’t out before me this morning. I don’t like to be cheeky anyway. The other two in my block are always in but one doesn’t answer the buzzer. They got in the last time and left something so I’m hoping that happens again. I barely slept so I’m very tired. I can’t wait to go back to bed today. I just couldn’t settle last night. I haven’t had trouble sleeping like that for a while. I kept randomly waking up too.

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