Well, today hasn’t gone to plan.

I had the intention to clean the bits around here that I haven’t done yet today. I didn’t get up until late. Ended up with a migraine. I attempted to vacuum but it’s not sucking properly due to something being in the pipe. I need to shove something down it (I have a long duster handle that got it out last time). I went out for a break (walked down the shop and went around in a circuit between the two towns around here). I ended up soaked because a shower just came down so fast and I wasn’t near enough my home. I just about managed 10,600 steps before the weather came back in. It had been raining basically all day. There was a brief time it stopped which is when I went out. I am now having to dry my trainers and coat on the radiator. I got soaked through to my skin because they coat is only water proof to a certain degree. It can’t handle massive amounts of water coming down on it… it’s as bad as not wearing a coat and feels horrible because it sticks to you and goes heavy. Anyway, I’m glad to be back home and in the bath out of the wet clothes. This water is warm and not cold like the stuff that just drenched me outside.

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