This is what I need.

I’m going to only briefly go into the circumstances surrounding how my son was taken for adoption. I got put on a pre-birth plan because I was asked to sign my records over after the malicious reporting started while I was pregnant. I didn’t have to sign it. I found out years later that they tricked me by saying even if I didn’t sign it they could get my records. Also, I was in the frame of mind that I had nothing to hide so I was ok with signing it. The whole process consisted of a pre birth assessment which told them exactly what they shouldn’t do when supporting a parent who is autistic. However, the assessor couldn’t score my IQ because it was too ‘all over the place’. That is probably an indication of the education I wasn’t allowed to have because of being kicked out of school and not supported even when I was attending (wasn’t diagnosed until 16). The children’s services just wouldn’t leave me alone after I had my son because of more malicious reports that I didn’t get told about until after they’d taken him into care and it was put in the court bundle. I proved them to be untrue so they had to take them out but they kept him in the care system for a long time under the section 20 (which my solicitor told me to sign, also found out they were bluffing because the police said they wouldn’t have taken action if I’d have gone to take him out of the hospital due to the section 47 investigation coming up with no injuries – only found this out after adoption so too late). He got taken into care because their behaviour gave me post natal depression. I felt trapped and bullied. I told a friend I had shook him so they took him for tests. I was pushed and bullied into getting to that point. I was a new mum who didn’t have the dad around. I was forced to live with my mother or have him taken at birth. I was forced home to an area that I hated and had an associated trauma connection within. I was put into an impossible situation which was set up to fail. It was never going to work. I also want an apology for how I was labelled for my autism growing up. I shouldn’t have been labelled a criminal. I was deeply failed by the system from a young age. I want an acknowledgment of that even if they don’t want to apologise (if anywhere does this then you have a legal case against them because they’ve admitted to being wrong). I was diagnosed and ‘treated’ for autism when it was literally the dark ages for all that stuff. That definitely doesn’t make it right what I went through. I still suffer trauma, don’t trust people and feel very uncomfortable in the outside world because of the things that happened. I take no shit nowadays. If someone doesn’t treat me the way I deserve I will be upfront in telling them and then walk away or at least withdraw my emotions from the situation. That doesn’t heal me. There is no amount of therapy that will take away how I’ve been permanently scarred.

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