I just can’t … I need my bed.

Today nothing got done. I’m now in bed because I just can’t right now. The vacuum cleaner needs replacing, I’m in a bad mood and my phone just reminded me that my period is due in the next week. I already know. I can feel it. I’m bloated and the scale has shot up. I come on around 8th/9th so that explains why I’m so fed up and moody. It’s like a tip in here. I just realised I ran out of bin bags so I will have to get some on the way to dinner tomorrow. I thought I had enough but they’re thick ones so it looked like I had more left. There’s stuff everywhere and I can’t get rid of the dust until I replace vacuum cleaner. That means my allergies are going to kick off very badly. I already woke up with a migraine today which felt like it was caused by blocked sinuses. That happens when the dust, cat fur etc builds up. I have been vacuuming but it’s been picking up the bare minimum for a while until it got to this point.

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