Sleep pattern improving.

I slept in until lunchtime today because I was tired after getting up early for a few days. I didn’t stop from the time I got up until the time I went bed so I was asleep by 10pm tonight. I have briefly woken up to go toilet but I’m already feeling sleepy so I will probably be back asleep in a few minutes. I did one room of what needed doing around here. I washed and deep conditioned my hair. I then went out for a walk. I came home, had a bath, something to eat etc. Then I went to bed after being nagged by the cats for their food. I’m probably getting old but I love going bed early. I am so tired after getting up earlier. Ok, lunchtime today wasn’t early but during the last few days I had only had just over 4 hours sleep at the most, which probably meant it was catching up. I would have vacuumed too but I had to wash out the filter and dry it on the radiator.

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