So I’m in bed already.

It’s 8pm and I’ve gone bed already. I have been awake too long. I also have a blocked ear. It’s felt full of water the entire day and now I’ve just put the ear wax remover in it I’ve gone deaf in that ear. I don’t like the feeling it’s horrible. Last time I put the drops in it didn’t do this. I hope a spider or something hasn’t crawled into my ear. It’s rare but nothing I’m doing has unblocked it yet. I took Sudafed earlier, used drops two nights running. It can’t be wax blocking it otherwise both options would have helped. I really don’t like the thought of a bug crawling inside me. The cat did wake me up several times two nights ago, maybe he was trying to tell me something. Hopefully it clears soon because it’s extremely annoying and feels weird. I haven’t experienced this before. I’ve never gone deaf when I’ve used these ear drops previously. I keep blowing my nose but that ear is stuck up badly. I’m very tired after getting up early so hopefully will go to sleep straight away tonight.

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