I was right, also it feels like evening to me because I was up early.

I have been up since half 7 (well, awake, laid in bed for an hour). I went to the gym after having my eyebrows done. I spent half an hour in the bike and then on the cross trainer, a while in the free weights area and also went on a few weight machines. I then got a phone call from the doctors surgery saying I was anemic again… knew it and it’s probably a lot worse this time because I’ve been shedding hair etc. That has never happened when I’ve just been on the borderline of low. I have a phone call on Tuesday to discuss it. They have accepted that I can’t keep taking the tablets to take it back up. It’s going around in circles. I rang that place this morning which the social worker gave me the contact details for in regard to trying to get that 117 section aftercare discharge meeting done. I left my details with the person who answered the phone. I will be ringing again if I don’t hear anything in a few days… I will push until it happens…

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