Constant repeating numbers etc.

I have seen constant repeated numbers since I got up today. I got up for my blood test (walked up there and back). I only have energy today because I stayed in bed most of the day. I didn’t even see daylight yesterday. I couldn’t go for a walk until after dark anyway. It rained most of the day while it was light. I got my car washed while I popped over to supermarket for cat litter. I really get nervous going through the car wash especially when I see a repeated number (1313) before I was about to enter it. As it was that particular number it was giving me final destination vibes (the films where death literally chased people). Then I saw 6 white birds as I went into a car park. I only went that way by chance because I happened to forget something from the shop I’d just been to. I don’t know what it means. It felt positive. I looked it up on Google and it says nothing bad in relation to seeing them. I have stuff to do which means I’m probably going to log off for the day.

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