Late night, very tired. Hate the cold.

It has gone so cold again! I felt like ice on the way home. I had to have a hot bath to thaw out when I got home. I am beyond tired. I will probably be asleep as soon as I get into bed. I probably should go for my anemia blood test which I’m supposed to have every 3 months ish. I haven’t had one since August when I was no longer anemic according to my blood results. Something is kind of off with me at the moment though because I feel ice cold so easily and sometimes can’t get warm. I sometimes can’t sleep and even when I do I’m extremely tired. I can’t eat a lot without feeling sick. I just can’t function like this anymore. I keep seeing constant repeated numbers which is something I wish would just stop. I hate them, they scare me because in previous years when I’ve seen them everything has not worked out. I desperately need things to work out for me. And, to top it off, I have ran over something with my car tire on the way home which sounded like it hit one of my tires. They aren’t down but I’m hoping they’re still up by the morning. I have to use my car tomorrow to go somewhere so I won’t be able to use it and the people that come out normally can’t get there the same day within a few hours (not without charging a huge excess fee for emergency call out anyway). I don’t even know what it was. It was something small and metal like on the surface of the road. I didn’t see it in time to go around it.

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