I’m not a morning person…

The cats tried to wake me up several times but I refused and just fell back to sleep. They had food but don’t like it if there’s no dry food left down. I woke up at half 8. I have a headache. I have to get up soon to check my car to see if the tire is still up. The cats made it very hard to sleep because they thought it was too cold (didn’t put heating on much last night before going to bed), they kept curling up very close to me. They didn’t manage to keep me awake because I refused to be woken. I was painfully tired when I went to bed. It was horrible. I hate that feeling. I don’t get to that point often but last night I got so stressed at the cold weather and trying to drive home feeling like a block of ice. That is why I didn’t see what I ran over on the road. I didn’t want to drive but I had to get home.

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