Had a long sleep. I feel better now.

I fell asleep until about half 2, lay awake for an hour. Got up to put washing on (it was all ready to do after midnight because of the whole don’t do it on New Year’s Day bad luck thing). I am now back in bed hoping that I get a bit more sleep. I need enough to tackle housework tomorrow (it’s so bad). I was tired enough yesterday to not even notice that I hadn’t changed my calendar to the new year one. That’s done now. I put far too much rosé essential oil on my eyelashes (to grow them back after lots fell out) and now I can’t see the screen properly. I am starting to feel that gym session. I hadn’t been due to injury for over 3 months. I can tell that I haven’t used those muscles for a while. I have bum ache and my thighs are also feeling achy now. I don’t know if my finger is ready to go back to that more than once a week. It got visibly larger after one gym session. I could put a strap around my hand when lifting weights to tone my arms. That would take the pressure off of my finger. It’s nearly healed. It feels like everything has gone back to the right position inside it but it’s still inflamed a little bit. The inflammation in my knee has gone down a lot. It’s actually drained since that gym session. It may have helped push the excess water out which was just stuck there in my leg going no where because walking doesn’t get rid of it. I used the leg press thing which could push excess water out of my leg to actually get rid of it for good. It isn’t always comfortable but healing injuries can be a long drawn out process. It’s ok to feel a bit of pain as long as it’s not really bad which is when I know I’ve reached the limit on what I can do. The injuries I have feel almost healed but they are at the point where if I go passed a certain limit they will probably go the other way again. I’ve been taking anti inflammatory painkillers daily to keep the swelling down on my finger and knee while they were healing. Things can’t heal unless that is kept down. It’s just a matter of waiting and using hot and cold to speed up the process. That deep freeze spray helped a lot.

I let my cats out when I got up to put the washer on. So far I have one back in. They went out together but they didn’t want to come back together. The other one just came back while I was typing that. He normally times it when I’m just about falling asleep. He jumps up at the window until he’s let in. He is the kind of cat that has no sense. He will jump into the glass to headbutt it sometimes. He is sweet but one hell of a dumbass. I don’t know how he can headbutt the window and not even seem like it hurt him. The other one jumps up on the ledge and sits there waiting until she gets let in (most cats do this). Mister will also meow loudly at the window if he feels you’re not getting there fast enough. If the food bowl is completely empty without even dry food left in it then he will come and start making whining noises at me. He is on a diet because the vet said he was too large … that has made him more vocal because he doesn’t like the new restrictions. I’m not able to leave dry food down like I did previously.

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