Got a lot done! And, my mind has now activated again.

I went home to finish off my cleaning. I have sat down for a bit before I have to go out again. It smells so nice in here now. It’s not all done but it’s a huge chunk of it sorted. Remember I said that my gifts had gone quiet? Well they seem to have woken up again. I don’t have a quiet mind any longer. I keep picking things up constantly. I really don’t want to walk away from someone I liked because I’m picking up that they ignored me due to personal stuff not intentionally but I don’t want to give to any connection where I’m getting absolutely nothing from it. I’m not being mean. I have spent years of my life giving to others and not getting anything in return. I’m fed up with that because I don’t have a lot of energy to spare and giving it to others who don’t reciprocate drains me completely. As an empath I get drained so easily by other peoples energies that surround them anyway. I’m going to feel it now that my mind has reconnected with everything after months of being disconnected. It’s very difficult and I need to get used to it again. I enjoyed the quietness, for most of my life I have been the equivalent to an energy sponge. I also saw orbs on the video that I took of mister this morning. I haven’t seen them on my videos for months either. Things must be surrounding me again which is why I’m suddenly picking up things from all directions again. I need to go otherwise I will be late for dinner at my mums.

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