Break time.

I did half the stuff that needed doing in my flat and had to pop out for a break. It feels a lot and I only did one room so far. The cat just sat chilling out the window while I was cleaning. I still haven’t replied to that guy not because I’m being a player but due to being busy. But I did mean it about pulling away from everything and only giving myself if people prove to me that I mean something this year. I’m trying to build that side of my personality but I still think I am too nice yet. If you’re too used to being a certain way it’s hard to be anything else. I’m trying to make people appreciate my presence by being distant etc. This is just naturally not me and I’m going to have to slip into this new persona. On another note, as someone who said they would do stuff to become an influencer, everyone got a video of me when I first woke up and got dressed this morning on my socials.

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