Very tired tonight. The vulture troll(s) are circulating the blog again.

I got into bed at exactly 222 this morning. I happened to pick up my phone after I got into my bed. It’s only two hours into 2023 and I’ve already seen a repeated number. I already sense that they’re going to be a constant thing this year. I saw that Mexico ip address on my stats again. I know that it’s used by a trouble maker who was involved in getting my son removed with malicious reporting. I am just going to put this warning out there again. If they try to touch anything in my life I will ask one of my tech savvy friends to literally trace the bounced ip which will lead them to this persons exact location and I will tell my aunt who is involved with the Open uni that they got their friend to pass all their TMA assignments to get their degree. I don’t want to have to do that. I only will if I am attacked by this troll again. I just want a peaceful life and will do everything in my power to get that goal. I don’t want trouble. I’m not the person I used to be as a twenty something so please leave me alone. I have grown up. I can’t be bothered with silly games that trolls like to play. I can’t be open with my life fully on here because of people like them. They seem to get a kick out of trying to destroy other people’s lives. I’m not the only one that has had this person attack them. We all went to the police but they wouldn’t do nothing because ‘nothing could be proven’. The phone calls that were made maliciously about me in regard to my son are all recorded for security purposes but they ‘couldn’t get the evidence’. If I have any more children I won’t be able to post a photo of them online for fear that they will repeat the same crap again. Once you’ve had one taken, regardless whether the circumstances were maliciously done to you, they can walk in to take subsequent children so easily. I want to be able to share my joy and achievements I may have in the future but I’m afraid I will be attacked again and my life gets destroyed. That is why I also have to move so that no one knows where I am when I’m posting blog entries. I can’t be targeted so easily if they don’t know my location. I can already feel my bum hurting from my first gym session after my injury break so I’m off for the night.

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