Reality sucks :(

I’m probably just extremely fed up and grumpy because I can’t sleep consistently at the moment. I also think my gas connection for boiler has just turned off again because it’s ran out of credit (it should tell me but it doesn’t) so I’m going to have to get up to sort that out. Reality does really suck when you’re an idealistic creative neurodivergent type thinker. The world is ran by logical analytical type neurotypical thinkers. The whole of the social programming of norms etc. They have no desire to ‘think outside that set box’ and this is why some parts of our society are not progressing in the way that it should. Our education system is still in the dark ages. The mental health system is a complete mismanaged mess. The way that people just can’t understand each other has become wider over time. The gaps that were supposed to have been being bridged for years have very shaky structures. The system which is currently in place for vulnerable adults isn’t fit for purpose. Most of the things in this country are over stretched, under staffed and under funded. Then when it comes to people in general… no one is actually busy all the time. If they wanted to make an effort toward a connection then they would do so. It takes an hour to arrange to meet someone for a drink. I know those hours can add up if you commit to plans with more than one person but that example was to go with my point. People have choices and if they could be bothered to make an effort then they would. There really is only so many excuses a person can make. Busy is sometimes a code word for ‘I don’t like you’ or ‘you’re not worthy of my time because of who you are as a person’. If you experienced rejection growing up then you’re prone to the same thing as an adult.

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