Potential in these ideas.

I was thinking randomly as I do a lot earlier. I have a vast amount of hair and also thick strands (about two normal strands, I measured it with a friend who had quite average hair strands once). Surely with this kind of mane someone would pay me to be a hair model or something. It’s got natural waves too as well as being thick and dense. The other idea sounds a bit dodgy but it’s using my looks again. This isn’t aimed at the only fans viewers who can be a little bit pervy. I can literally look like a doll and when I get down to 7 stone (going lower than I have ever been previously to see if I can, lowest previously was 8 and a half stone) I will actually be able to have that whole human doll appearance. The porcelain type. That is why I don’t want the only fans users turning it into anything perverted. I will be using my looks to make the extra cash to finally move out of this area for good. I also used to sing but as I said I don’t know if I will sound any good after the trauma affected me. I could write a book but no idea how despite the fact that I write on here daily (but this doesn’t make me any money). This blog probably will never make me any money but I created it to express opinions that I hoped would in time lead to change. This is my activism project.

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