Happy new year. Hope that everyone has a reasonable 2023.

If this all goes to plan the post will be put on the blog at exactly midnight as it turns to 2023 in the UK. I have never done this previously so I’m hoping that it works. I’m trying to sync it all up to fb and twitter pages. I’m just going to say that I hope everyone has a wonderful 2023 (I know that it probably won’t be because sh*t happens but it’s the statement people use). I’m personally hoping that I have completely changed my life by this time next year. I hope to move area…don’t know if that will actually happen but I’m aiming to break away after what seems like a long decade here. I’m definitely going to make sure that I’m off that 117 section clause thing by this time next year. I’m hoping that certain things work out with others but I can’t make that happen. They probably won’t even read my blog so they will have absolutely no idea how I’m being affected. I’m trying not to be but I’m sensitive alongside my attitude where I pretend to be unbothered. I’m definitely not unbothered because my sleep pattern just won’t go back to normal. I could be living a completely different life by this time next year. I don’t believe that miracles happen so fast but word on TikTok (loosely believe these things) is that 2023 is going to be the year when everyone’s life changes. It’s 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7 … the year of the 7. That number wasn’t that lucky for my dad as he passed away on that date in February 2010. That depends how you look at it though. He was finally free from his illness that he had for most of his life. I have three 7’s on my number plate so I expect triple the luck that I am owed for what I went through in the past. Anyway, whatever you’re doing to celebrate, or not, the year coming to an end and another beginning, have a good time. And, this year I’m becoming the biggest player ever, you literally have to prove that you deserve a spot in me life or it’s not happening!

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