Beyond tired… gone for an early night.

I am literally in bed 7pm. I just can’t right now. I was ok until I got home from a long walk. I got overwhelmingly tired. I think that I walked for longer than I slept last night so that was probably why it caught up with me. I’m also mentally done. I just can’t anymore. I took a painkiller for finger and knee, which ache a bit after exercise due to injuries still healing, I just want to sleep. It’s like climbing a mountain when I’m awake due to sleep problems. I can’t stay this way because it’s making me ill. I can’t do life while barely sleeping consistently. I was watching the end of that Mary Poppins returns film earlier. It would be so good to have those kind of powers. People do tell me there is something about me otherworldly but I don’t think it’s a positive observation. I would love life to be magical like the Disney films… that isn’t reality. Look how they say we will all randomly meet our prince, get married and live happily ever after. I get lots of guys in my DM’s etc (especially now I’ve lost a few stone). They definitely aren’t Prince Charming. I don’t think I even want to be with a man. They never wrote fairytales with the LGBT life included. I am nearly dropping off so I’m logging off now.

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