Month: January 2023

  • I’m putting my positives out there… for once.

    I always go on about the bad experiences on here because that is normally what kind topics I cover. However, for one night only I’m going to put all the positives about me in this entry. I’m not the typical person you’d find on benefits. There is so much more to me than being disabled […]

  • I didn’t sleep but got up and did stuff.

    I don’t think I barely had an hours sleep just before my alarm went off. I managed to get my hair washed this morning (doesn’t normally get done in the morning because I’m never normally up). I did some cleaning and put all the washing in that I had bagged up while I was waiting […]

  • No sleep again :(

    Unless I finally drop off soon then I will only have two hours sleep. Ugh, the repeated numbers are doing my head in … just seen 555 (I just don’t like that number and also been seeing 1919 which I also don’t like – both are bad luck numbers to me). I keep seeing 2222 […]

  • Can’t sleep again… heartbroken still.

    I keep thinking of how unfair everything is right now. It’s been unfair for me for many years. Isn’t it about time things changed for me? Why can’t I have met someone understanding and supportive? I’m now closed off emotionally again for the foreseeable future so it’s too late now. I refuse to get hurt […]

  • I’m not going to do anything. I don’t know what I did so wrong.

    I thought about getting even but I’m not like that and I am not being forced to become that. They have basically cut me off for no reason. I don’t know why people act the way that they do and then take offence when you’re honest about how they’re behaving. This is unfair and maybe […]