Wishful thinking / idealistic approach.

So, I was very close to falling asleep but then I woke up again. I literally nearly dropped off. I was watching all those TikTok tarot readings which flood the for you page. All this crap about… they’re going to reach out. They love you or whatever. It’s a load of crap which only feeds the delusions of the individuals watching them. I used to be an idealistic person… I’m not anymore because it got me burnt. I’m probably a bit jaded at this point but I don’t believe that others can ever develop feelings for me… not people that I hold feelings for anyway. Anyone that I hold feelings for will not just randomly ‘reach out’. The reality that we all reside in won’t allow anything to happen. The person I had feelings for didn’t even want to be friends. If there was any feelings there then they would have jumped at the chance to connect with me. I’m obviously not good enough for them and circumstances wouldn’t allow anything to happen other than friendship. If they didn’t even want to go there then they definitely don’t have feelings in any way. People say use your intuition but mine gets interfered with due to my anxiety surrounding my past. I feel like there is nothing there so I pulled back. It’s all wishful thinking and these tarot readers give people false hope. I do read them (not on TikTok or as a job) but I’m very brutal about what the cards are saying. I am not going to lie to anyone if there’s no future there. I’m brutal with myself when I pull some for my own purposes.

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