Things are keeping me awake.

I try to remain cool like I don’t even care but that’s hard because my mind outsmarts my attitude. I had plans today that I now can’t do because I haven’t slept enough and am now too tired. I didn’t even put day clothes on yesterday. The sleep issues are affecting my skin. I just picked a huge chunk of scabby skin off of my back which bled all over my pj top. I can’t sort out what is bugging me. Others won’t communicate and even if they did for some kind of reassurance it’s just going to inconvenience them which I don’t want to do. I have tried to intentionally put a wall up but I’m still bugged. I can’t shake the feeling of being bugged. I shouldn’t feel bugged but that’s my ego coming into play. I don’t like my ego damaged but the other person did just that. It’s affecting me badly but they aren’t going to apologise because they aren’t going to think that they need to do so.

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