I got more done than I expected.

I went to Hinckley to try out the new gym. I briefly fell asleep but it wasn’t a lot. I look a mess and feel really tired. I got more done than I thought I would today. I didn’t even think I was going to get out today. It’s weird seeing this place as a gym because it used to be a former supermarket. It’s really high tech here. There are QR codes and everything. I’m not really putting much effort into any workout tonight because I have to not push knee too far at this point. I was just wanted to ease myself back into it before the new year. I even gave the inside of my car a wipe down before I went out because it was looking a mess and it smelt a little. I went around my flat cleaning up bits before feeding the cats and going out. I put some washing in because it’s unlucky to do it on New Year’s Day. I still am in a mess at home and I don’t want to go into a new year with mess in my surroundings because that is also a bad omen. It’s not fair that others are keeping me awake. I have tried to be stubborn and push it aside but it isn’t working.

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