I’m not even ashamed.

I couldn’t sleep for most of the day. I fell asleep eventually this afternoon. I’m not even ashamed that I’ve been asleep most of the day. I’m tired and I needed it so I don’t even care what others think of it. The things I need to do aren’t getting done but that is ok because I’m doing bits every day so hopefully that effort builds up. It’s the end of the week so I’m resting like everyone else. I don’t work but I’m not lazy. I do stuff, mostly alone but I keep busy. I don’t feel lonely because I like my lone wolf kind of life. I like my alone time after being in a group home for autistic people when I was in my early 20s. I appreciate the freedom that I have now got more than the average person. Ok, my life still feels quite controlled because my mum won’t even allow me to keep my own cars MOT documents in case I lose them. She took them off of me as soon as I got them from the garage when she dropped me off to pick up my car. That is the same for my birth certificate, passport (before it expired) etc. I’m not allowed to have it because I ‘may lose it’.

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