Catching up … awake again.

So, I woke up for a bit and decided to get my hair protein treatment done. I’m waiting for it to dry but the strands of my hair feel so much stronger and less snappy. It’s no longer knotty when I comb it. I had that issue for weeks. I ran out of my normal protein treatment. The supermarket stuff that I bought just wasn’t suiting my hair. There is a reason why they tell you to get products which suit your hair type. I’ve found a brand which suits mine by accident. I randomly got given a sample of this particular brand and it transformed my hair when it was in a dry fizzy mess. I’ve just realised how much we have started labelling everything. The buzz term ‘narcissist’ has been turned into a widely used phrase over the past few years. I think that we have started over using this term though. We are overly calling people this term. Yes, we may have become woke up gaslighting behaviour etc. However, now we are throwing the terminology around like it’s a favourite word or something. There is so many new terms that the new generation has coined. There is no longer simply a relationship, friendship or acquaintance nowadays… no, the new thing seems to be a ‘situationship’ like we are in some kind of reality sitcom. The endless types of relationships descriptions has become confusing. There is a long list of polyamory type relationship circumstances. I am the type of person who falls in love with a person’s personality. It’s never been about the whole sexual thing to me. That is why I identify as asexual. However, I am quite a moral person. I will not knowingly go with someone I know is married or in a relationship with anyone else. That to me is completely wrong. If I ever got married then I wouldn’t cheat. There is a grey area about emotional cheating which I don’t see as cheating but having an emotional connection with another while married to someone else is also classed as wrong to some people. I don’t because physically it wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. There are all types of love and you can still like someone completely platonically when they are with another. Many gay people who get married to the opposite sex to have kids etc have open relationships so that they can basically have the best of both worlds while still being true to themselves. In that case it is ok because you’re not doing anything behind someone else’s back and potentially causing hurt to anyone. It is so complex with all the categorisation in modern life now. Anyway, I have to go to bed now because I have to be up and in all day tomorrow to wait for the person collecting my faulty trainers.

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