Long sleep!

I was knocked out for hours. I only woke up to eat. I had to go outside and reset the gas meter because the credit ran out and it didn’t tell me. If that happens it disconnects. It’s supposed to tell me. I set up low credit warnings but for some reason it just won’t do it. I was topping up £20 every few days when it went very cold to prevent the meter disconnecting unexpectedly. I guess I know why I didn’t have hot water earlier. It didn’t even say it had cut the supply until a few hours later. I woke up to the news that pele (ex footballer) and Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer) had passed away. The legends seem to be rapidly dying off. It’s quite sad. Everything around us seems to be changing so much. I keep seeing repeated numbers which is starting to get on my nerves. I always get extremely nervous and a little afraid when I see them because they have always started repeating in huge amounts when things have gone really bad in my life.

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