I didn’t quite last the day.

I went back home to do a few bits. I managed to get half of the things that needed doing done before my finger started swelling up. It’s getting better but sometimes flares up badly if you pull it by accident when doing stuff. I had a bath quite early. It turned out to be a good idea because the hot water has gone cold. I’m not sure whether it’s an internal thing to do with boiler or external. I have tweeted the local water company to check. Last time we lost pressure and hot water was when a pipe burst. The pressure is fine but no hot water. I need to put a protein treatment on my hair because it’s snapping but I’m too tired for that so I’ve put it in a loose braid and hope that it doesn’t snap anymore before I get it done tomorrow. It’s the fact that my hair takes hours to dry which makes me not want to do it tonight. I’m off for a nap now.

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