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I just had a post come up on my twitter newsfeed. It was a poll asking whether if the community or other people caused a person’s suicide would they be responsible for someone’s death. The answer that was voted for was yes, definitely they are responsible. I voted for that option too. I know we can’t allow others to have exactly what they want from us but we can at least be kind. I’ve had a person blank me in the street after I opened up to them via email. That was hurtful but with the answer they gave to me they just couldn’t see that I would be so hurt and affected by that. I have had so many people walk away from me in my past too after I opened up to them. I was always shamed for my issues rather than understood. I protect myself now from refusing to walk into those toxic environments now. The education system is unfit for neurodivergent people. They have to constantly mask in that environment or they get asked to leave / forced to leave. I was punished for not coping when I had my son. I was able to cope being a mum but not with the added pressure of social services involvement. They literally pushed me to fail so that they could walk in and take him. I do feel that we should hold the community and individual people accountable for circumstances where someone takes their own life. Even if we changed the laws so that it was a criminal offence to treat people experiencing mental health issues / autism in a negative way (it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do) and actually get a few people prosecuted for contributing to someone’s suicide it may make people think before they act in a way that negatively affects our lives when we are already struggling.


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  1. This is a great post.
    I think there is a collective responsibility, from individuals actually being kind rather than just posting memes social media, to societal structures that are in place.

    I’ve done countless stories for work on SEND – the education system is shockingly bad, families and children are set up to fail before kids have even got through the door. It’s a constant battle to get the support these children are legally entitled to. Children as young as 8 then can’t cope and are left suicidal, it’s horrendous. I just for the life of me can’t understand why after so many years we haven’t adapted the education system and stopped trying to force children into the same boxes.

    This has really got me thinking this morning, thanks for sharing


    • I am talking the whole education system including the adult part (college, uni etc). I was basically labelled a criminal due to how school processed me and what was written about me on documentation. I wasn’t only labelled a criminal (for wanting a friend: harassment) but also sectioned so never had the chance to have a normal life since without stuff being taken from me. I’ve been left on a s.117 aftercare clause for the past 15 years which is supposed to pay for services after a person has been sectioned but not had any for about 6 years now. I’m trying to fight to get off of it because of implications it has on a persons life for risk assessments etc.


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