I no longer believe my beliefs… / skin issues.

I’m someone who is naturally intuitive and has seen the spiritual side of life for a long time. However, I’m now doubting all that. I don’t feel that it all exists. How do I know that I’m not just mentally ill? There’s no way of proving what I see or feel is real. I’m confused because others have gone silent. I can’t get answers even if I wanted them. If it wasn’t affected me so badly then I could literally just brush things off. Unfortunately I can’t and that sucks. I even walk into things I know isn’t right because I’m a caring (stupid) person and don’t think of how crushed I’m going to be if it doesn’t work out. It affects my confidence a lot. I was only just starting to get it back after many years and now I’m crushed again. I have crusty bits of skin that is really annoying me. I pick it so it doesn’t really help it go away and it remains sore. I know you shouldn’t pick scabs but it’s a habit I got into with the ones that come up on my back a lot. It stops them from looking horrible when I’m wearing summer tops. If the scab isn’t on there it blends into my skin so isn’t visible. It’s just a long term side effect from epilepsy medication I reacted to as a child. The skin problems are getting better as I get older but I don’t think they’ll ever disappear. I am stupidly pale and have dodgy looking freckles on some parts of me. The one on my foot has changed. They aren’t scabby or anything but they’ve started changing colour inside them. Maybe it’s just how hot last summer was… I got burnt as normal but even I got a slight tan (which shows how hot it got, I NEVER tan). I don’t know whether I should get them looked at because I did get burnt several times during heatwave this year.

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