I fell asleep… but I woke up again… I’m never going to sort this out.

Sooo, I managed to fall asleep straight away. I was asleep quickly within a few minutes of getting into bed. I then woke up to go to the toilet, take a painkiller for my knee/finger (helps swelling in both). I put cream on my dry ear scab, pull out the edges of my toenails from big toes skin (every few days of putting something under them from nail manicure set keeps them from growing back inwards). I put rose oil on my scalp to try to stop that being sore and also sleep with it on my eyebrows to regrow them after they kept falling out. I may have woken myself up too much now though. I feel a lot better now. The stuff on my scalp hasn’t really taken the sore feeling away but everything else feels better. I need sleep. I only dropped off for an hour.

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