Personality disorders, autism etc.

I know that I said I was not posting another entry tonight but now I’m warmed up and in the bath my brain can function again. I was on my walk in the cold weather trying to write previous entry.

I have had a few conversations recently with others who have mental health problems of either personality disorders or autism. It has become apparent to me just how much ignorance and assumptions there is out there. I’ve heard about a few cases now where someone has got a third party to communicate with the person who has PD or autism (in my own case I’m suspected to be both but only diagnosed with autism) about things they really should have just tackled head on with them. That is generally my approach anyway because I don’t like messing about. There is nothing to fear. Yes, some of those with PD and/or autism are violent but that can be said for many who also do not have a diagnosis. We all drink… some people turn into really awful characters when they have alcohol. That isn’t a condition, that is their reaction to that chemical. The same can be said for any psychiatric medication. It is a chemical and some people can act extremely out of character when they’ve taken it. Although, if that reaction happens in the system (when you’re living in a hospital or care home etc) it’s written in your notes and highlighted for the rest of your life. I was given quetiapine in the hospital I was in as a youngster. That made me violent and now I have to get that removed from my record because that is the type of thing that always pops up if anyone looks at your notes. I’m quiet and I put up with a lot. It’s not my character at all so I find that kind of thing written about me extremely hurtful. I have gone to great lengths in my life to do my best on the contrary to the notes the system wrote about me growing up. I even got that judge over here from Coventry area to stop other peoples children being taken from them if they had mental health problems etc. I didn’t manage to get him over here soon enough to stop my son going into the system and being adopted but I’ve known others that have got to keep their children because of me contacting the judge to get him sitting in our local courts for family hearings. Obviously it hasn’t put a stop to all the local authorities crap but his presence there makes it more difficult to forcibly remove children from those with disabilities and those with mental health issues. He is very precise in how he does his job and has publicly challenged these family courts in national media publications. We have a long way to put a stop to it completely but I’m working on other bits to add to the small efforts toward that larger goal. Remember I fine tooth comb every bit of information that I come across. I can’t work miracles because changing the system can take many years. That is why I hate when people make assumptions about me. I put a load of stuff on here about someone who has already rejected me so that is basically a done situation. Professionally we will most likely never be going there again even. I’m very doubtful that they will ever reach out to me at any point. After how people have treated me in the past I don’t mess around. I have noticed that since I lost weight I’m getting more noticed (right now it’s probably my hair colour that is making me stand out too). Mostly by men which isn’t the way I swing but if I want more children I have to be open minded. It isn’t exactly raining b*tches for me (if guys can say that terminology then I can too).

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