I was knocked out for most of the day.

As soon as I had written last nights blog entry I went to bed and I was knocked out until this afternoon. I then stayed in bed until late because I was wiped out after yesterday. I knew that I would wipe me out after only two hours sleep. I don’t really have the energy to go for a walk but I did anyway after yesterdays food. I haven’t eaten today yet because the calories I ate in chocolate yesterday needs to be walked off. I’m still being bugged by my hair because it just keeps snapping so easily, especially around the edges. The parts that are left where it’s snapped a lot usually my hair has gone curly because it doesn’t have the weight in it that the longer strands do. I have used stuff to try to repair the damage but it just won’t start going the other way. It’s not just the skin on my body that is going dry and sore, it’s my scalp too which probably isn’t helping the hair snapping issue. I think the worse of the snapping is done now. The bits that broke right up my hair around the front sides and a bit at the back seem to be growing back now. I can’t not put my hair up to do things because there is too much of it to not get everywhere. I would write a better blog entry today but my brain is not functioning properly due to tiredness.

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