Alternative queens speech 2022.

This year it’s different because the queen of the United Kingdom passed away in September and now we have a king because the succession was passed down to her eldest son. I didn’t want to change it because I’m female and I am going to pay tribute to our late queen as I sign off tonight’s blog entry. This may not be like other years because I don’t seem to remember much past stuff nowadays. As I said the other day, this year has been a complete blur. It’s gone so quickly and I barely remember any details because I was focused on things far too narrowly. That is what I do. I get wrapped up in my head so easily and it becomes an issue. Things really aren’t sometimes as bad as my head makes them out to be but they get bigger because I start stressing about things that others see as really minor. Anyway, this years format for this may be completely different to how I’ve done it in previous years because I’ve completely changed my thought processes after coming off antidepressants and maturity has started to set in (I am getting on a bit now, mid 30s). In regard to those that told me to channel the queen to do this… I’m not a medium and it can be quite dangerous to channel spirits if not trained.

This year started off with the events going on in Ukraine and the constant threat of nuclear weapon use by the likes of president Putin. Luckily, it didn’t happen, we are all still here but unfortunately Ukraine is still getting bombed on a daily basis by Russia. I am kind of an idealist that hopes that all people will coexist together and peace will materialise but unfortunately that ideal doesn’t exist. We are all far too much in our ego. I include myself in that. We make decisions a lot based on selfishness and we don’t even know we are doing it. If we could let go of that programming as a human race we may find that we can coexist together and live peacefully. Until that day we are left in the current status quo where there are many conflicts. Even those of us that have always been spiritually attuned have a lot of growth to do to improve this situation.

The current economic issues which are present in the UK right now due to both in-house and worldwide events impacting on our rising bills etc, are causing many people to turn to the services of food banks / warm banks and charities that are trying to tackle the current poverty issues. The queen could never be political in her broadcast because she was forbidden to do so… but I will go there because for now we still have freedom of speech. The prime minister currently in office here in the UK is totally inappropriate to sort out this mess. His privileged background simple doesn’t enable him to understand the current issues that every day people are facing at this moment in time. His background simply makes him completely out of touch with every day reality of what a normal persons every day life consists of… we can’t just catch a flight to somewhere randomly because most average people can’t even afford to catch a bus or run a car because of the cost of living rises. There are lots of sectors going out on strike because they’ve had enough of the government only pretending to listen. How can those that don’t come from every day backgrounds listen to the voices of people in this country who didn’t have the privilege of money and private school etc? There has never been more of a need for equality because the divide is wider than its ever been previously.

Lastly, Christmas is a time where we think of all those that we cannot be with who have passed away. I happened to find a photo of my dad with me as a baby and the family cat, sooty, at the time. I now have a black cat called Mimi so life has gone around in circles in that respect. I put a few photos collaged on social media pages but I thought this one was the best one so I put it on here. R.I.P Dad, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 13 years since you passed away. You never got to meet my son who will now be 10. Things didn’t work out for me in that department but hopefully one day things will change and I can try again.

And, finally, may I pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II who passed away at the age of 96 on 8th September 2022 after 70 years of doing the duty that she promised to do all those years ago when she was in her twenties whether her reign be long or short. Thank you for your service. I’m not a royalist but I have respect for anyone who sticks to their word for all those years never retiring until the day they passed away. I hope that you rest peacefully with your beloved husband Philip and other family members that you were close to in life. Even though we are all equal in spirit I feel that I have to do a written *curtsy* as a mark of respect as part of this tribute. Sleep peacefully mam (I hope that is the right address).

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