It’s Christmas Eve already…

I didn’t sleep long. It’s Christmas Eve already. I’m going back to sleep for a bit because I have a headache from lack of sleep. I’m still taking painkillers for my knee and finger but hopefully it takes that away too. I’m very aware that people who have sent me cards are going to be not happy that I haven’t sent them one. I would have been on top of it if I had a proper sleep pattern and hadn’t been ill a lot because of that. I will definitely send them something for new year. I know it isn’t the same but it’s the best I can do right now. I feel my knee and finger healing so hopefully soon they won’t be swollen at all. They feel like they’re knitting together inside. That is what my other knee did before it finally went back to normal. I say that but I just accidentally whacked my finger when I turned over in bed so hopefully I haven’t undone some of its healing. I’m quite clumsy which doesn’t help avoid making injuries I already have worse. I haven’t felt well recently. I get headaches so easily when things are getting to me. They’re starting to get annoying because this week I’ve had them so much. Sometimes they do literally go on for days in a row. I probably have bags under my eyes because I just can’t sleep consistently. I have a pattern which consists of mini naps and some of them aren’t that deep or long so I end up constantly tired. Readers that have read the blog for a long time will know that I do an alternative queens speech thing on here most years. I would still love to do one this year, however, since the queen passed away it somehow feels wrong. I will think about it. I’m sure that no one will see it as disrespectful but it just feels odd to do one now that she’s gone. I will think about it.

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