If others cared about how stuff affected me…

I’m not being unnecessarily moany here but what I’m about to say is true. I am open on here about how stuff has affected me which other people have done with their actions etc. As an autistic person, right from school you feel left out etc. I still feel that now as an adult and that is never going to go away. People are always going to leave me out. I’m just not naturally welcomed into the whole social thing that others have got going on. If others have a shit about upsetting me even by accident they would make an effort to contact me and apologise. I always do when I know I did something wrong. Others are walking around either oblivious to how they’ve made me feel because they don’t read the blog or they just don’t care about it because they don’t respect me as a person. Others assume that because my brain is not classed as normal they don’t have to respect me. I say it exactly how it is… no messing about.

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