There’s definitely something I feel it!

I have tried to put things to the back of my mind but I can definitely feel something. I thought that it was me being me at this time of year but with the way people are with me there is definitely something. I don’t know who is behind it but I would rather whoever has done something or said something have the guts to tell me. I don’t trust people but this is certainly not paranoia. I asked certain questions for a reason and I really want to believe the answers that people gave me… but everything is telling me not to do so. Something has been accessed behind my back and has circulated. I won’t even get anyone in trouble. I just want to be treated decently rather than walls up and distrust. I’m honest about my past. I’m a good person. I don’t deserve that crap. This is what I seem to get for being authentic when all the fake nasty shits get everything and I’m fed up with that trend. I work hard. I maybe quiet but I shouldn’t have to go completely against my nature to be trusted by others. I can’t compete socially in that way. I will not let anybody treat me with distrust because I’m tired. Any bullshit passed around about me you are ordered to email it to me. I cannot enforce that? Well try sitting on it and see what bad luck occurs in your life. I can make that happen. Those that are passing this bullshit around about me are most likely doing the exact same about you if they chose to do so. You could just as easily get turned on. I’m the type of person who will always have another’s back regardless. I won’t swap sides … at the worse, I will sit right in the middle neutral if I’m not sure who is in the right. There’s people that know me from school who will tell you all that I am the quiet innocent one as I always was until things got twisted on me in the activism world and I was labelled. Of course, I was going to act out of character, everyone fights back when they are attacked.

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